Season 5 Episode 12

Guests: Bill Hennessy, Sophie Cheng, & Ruben Rodriguez

Airing: Dec. 31, 2019

Our Podcast Guests

Sophie Cheng moved to Illinois in the 5th grade and currently lives in Chicago. She is a University of Michigan graduate and currently works as an emergency room nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She started out her career in nursing on a cardiac medicine floor. She hopes to one day become a nurse practitioner. In her free time she draws, boxes and watches movies. (And rescues men on trains)

Bill Hennessy is a Contract Project Manager / Scrum Master working at Northern Trust Bank.  His family includes his wife Belinda and 4 Children Billy, Connor, Ryan, and Kaley.  In his spare time he enjoys all sports, especially Rugby, plays basketball, and is an IHSA patched baseball umpire.

Bill will forever be grateful that Sophie & Ruben were on his train June 11, 2019!

Ruben Rodriguez is happily married (for 31 Years) to his lovely wife, Melissa.  They have 4 Children: Allie, Identical Twins Brycen & Christian, and Keaton, who is in Nursing at Ball State.  He is also the proud

grandfather of 3 Grandkids: Jamison, Jace,  and Wyatt. 

His Alma-Mater's are:  Aurora East High School, class of '79 & SIU - Electrical Engineering.  His current occupation is- Project Management At Bank Of America.  In his spare time he also rescues men on trains!