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Compostable biopolymer complex Complies with EN13432
Bacterial and viral filtration> 98%
Complies with EN14683 Type II

Meets the requirements of Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and the following harmonised standards:
EN 14683: 2019+ AC:2019
EN ISO 14971: 2012
EN 1041: 2008+A1: 2013
EN ISO 10993-5: 2009
EN ISO 15223-1: 2016
ISO 10993-1: 2018

Eco Green Living is battling the war on face mask waste that has raged on since the pandemic began. Disposable surgical masks are made from plastics like polypropylene and vinyl which will take hundreds of years to degrade. An estimated 194 million disposable masks are being used globally every month.

Eco Green Living’s 100% compostable face masks are a plant-based product with no petrol-based additives. Our certified compostable masks look and behave exactly like a surgical mask.

Once worn the mask can be put into your food caddy or garden composter and will take only 12 weeks to break down.

Compostable Face Masks - Certified - Medical Grade Type 2

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