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Season 5

Episode 8


Brain Slump

In this episode we are talking about: 


Cerebellar slumping (aka cerebellar ptosis) occurs as a result of too much bone being removed around the foramen magnum that there is no longer enough bone to support the weight of the cerebellum. The brain slumps downward toward the spine, re-herniating the cerebellar tonsils, and often compressing the cerebellum itself against the back of the skull and brain stem. This can often result in worse symptoms than the patient had before decompression. Surgical techniques have been developed to revise the decompression and provide more support to the cerebellum

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More About Our Guest

Heidi is a 34 year old woman from Old Saybrook CT. She has chiari malformation, brain slump, cranio cervical instability & atlantoaxial instability. She enjoys spending time with her 2 dogs and reading as much as possible.  She also I'd a collector of anything with LadyBugs on it!!!  Heidi credits her strength and resilience  through her horrendous medical battle to her father Mark who has been there every step of the way holding her hand.  

You can find her on Facebook at :

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