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Corneal Dystrophy

Savanna is a health policy and patient advocate from Houston, Texas. She meets with senators and representative at the federal level to advocate for patients to have better access to treatments and for the protection of the ACA, as well as creating awareness & education through social media and consulting with companies about the patient experience. Savanna has several chronic illnesses including Psoriatic Arthritis, Severe Asthma, and a form of Corneal Dystrophy, which is what she is here to talk about today.

Corneal dystrophies are eye diseases that involve changes in the cornea (the clear front layer of your eye). These diseases usually run in families.

Most corneal dystrophies are progressive — they get worse over time. Some cause vision loss or pain, but some have no symptoms. The only way to know for sure if you have a corneal dystrophy is to get a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Your eye doctor will use a microscope with a bright light attached (called a slit lamp) to check your eyes for signs of corneal dystrophies. (NIH)

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