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Identical Twins With FCCM

This week we are talking about FCCM or, Familial cerebral cavernous malformation.  

A rare, capillary-venous malformations characterized by closely clustered irregular dilated capillaries that can be asymptomatic or that can cause variable neurological manifestations such as seizures, non-specific headaches, progressive or transient focal neurologic deficits, and/or cerebral hemorrhages. (credits: GARD)


Megan is a mom to twins — identical 17-year-old girls — and a 13-year-old son. She, her husband, and kids live just outside of Phoenix. She is a writer, caregiver, and mom.

Maybe most importantly, Megan is also an advocate for rare diseases and rare disease parenting.


She is currently the

chair to the Arizona Angioma Community Alliance in her “free” time. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter .

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