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Social Security Disability Benefits

This week we will discuss Social Security Disability Benefits with our guest David Dodge.

David Dodge is the Case Manager at Community Action of Orleans and Genesee in Batavia, NY. Prior to this role, David was an Independent Living Specialist and Facilitated Enroller at Independent Living of the Genesee Region. At Independent Living, David earned his Work Incentive Practitioner credential from Cornell University. David serves as the Vice President of the Genesee County Interagency Council, a consortium of providers, Secretary of GLOW Out, a four-county LGBTQ+ advocacy group, member of the Domestic Violence Taskforce, and member of the Batavia Lions Club. David lives in Le Roy, NY with two extremely sassy cats. 

One point of contention I had in my mind as a bias was concerning the doctors that examine you in order to be considered medically un-employable.  David put my worries to rest when he details the process which you can also find here: 

 A consultative exam specifically evaluates your health to confirm it matches what you said in your SSD claim. The doctor who performs the exam will:

  • Look for evidence that supports your SSD claim (or contradicts it). This may include running tests, having you answer some questions, ordering x-rays/MRI or CT scans, etc.

  • Document whether your condition, illness, or injury might prevent you from working like you normally would. This includes listing reasons why you can’t perform your normal job duties full-time or do other work.

This is not an exam that your family doctor can likely perform. Why? Because the SSA must certify a doctor to perform that specific exam according to their rules and regulations. Every doctor who does consultative exams is independent of the SSA. Instead, this doctor works as a contractor with the SSA to perform these exams in addition to their own personal practice.

I consider this to be a very important topic and I hope it assists those with Long COVID as they trudge through the system for monetary relief! 

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