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Caregiving for Parkinson's

This week we will discuss Parkinson's Disease (PD) from the caregiver perspective with Terri Pease.  

Before she met her husband (Peter), who already had PD when they met,  Terri was working flat-out, traveling around the country, as a trainer and consultant for organizations and staff that support survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence.  She was ready to slow down a little, and started dating.  Despite knowing that Peter had Parkinson’s Disease (PD), she was intrigued by his story and the twinkle in his eye.  Within a year they married, and she began the journey that led to her life today, as an author, consultant, and coach for those who care for spouses who have Parkinson’s and related neurological conditions.

She wrote her new book, "Love, Dignity and Parkinson’s: from Care Partner to Caregiver" to be the book she needed.


She found that PD caregivers largely carry on in isolation and uncertainty. It’s her mission to end that by helping to make life smoother and ease loneliness for caregivers of People with Parkinson's.

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