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Caregiving as a Bi-Polar Mom

This week we will discuss being Bi-Polar with Kitt O'Malley.  

Kitt is an author, mental health advocate, and former psychotherapist who lives with bipolar disorder. Both her personal experience and clinical background inform her writing and enable her to help herself and guide others toward mental health recovery. She has a bachelor's in legal studies from UC Berkeley, a master's in psychology from New College of California, and has attended seminary. Visit for more information.



"Balancing Act - Writing Through a Bipolar Life" offers hope to those living with mental health conditions and their loved ones. As a therapist who left her career due to a mental health crisis, O'Malley educates the public about mental health and fights stigma against those living with mental health conditions by challenging stereotypes.


O'Malley's writing recounts her struggle with bipolar disorder, the two decades it took to receive a proper diagnosis, and how her journey gave her purpose. O'Malley balances living with bipolar disorder with her work as a mental health advocate and former caretaker of her son and parents.

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