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Young Onset Parkinson's

This week we will discuss Young Onset Parkinson's with Jennifer Crowder.

Jennifer has been living in the uncomfortable space of not using her career or family role to define herself for many years. Instead, she describes who she is as a person - she is tenacious, creative, stubborn, sarcastic, relentless, driven, compassionate, and courageous. Her proudest moments are making people laugh when they least expect it, and finding a quick and simple solution to a complex problem. She spends most of her time in a boxing gym or carving eggshells. She has been living with Parkinson's disease for 27 years. 



In reference to advice about starting rock Steady Rock Steady, Jennifer wanted you to know...

Don't wait until you feel good to go.

*Go when you're tired.


*In pain

With this disease, if you wait to feel good enough to go, you'll never go. The first few weeks are undeniably hard. Pain and fatigue from the workouts, pain and fatigue from the disease. But if you stick with it- go every class you can and give 100% each workout, the disease symptoms reduce. I'd rather have the pain from a good workout. It allows a more productive life. 

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