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EDS & Gastroparesis

This week we are speaking with Dani, AKA, Stoned Zebra. It took almost 7 years of her health declining after giving birth, until she received her EDS diagnosis. Initially misdiagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, or chronic pain syndrome.  Her gastroparesis symptoms (bloating, nausea, early satiety, severe constipation, weight loss, dehydration, belching, belly pain) began July 2022, and after a ton of aggressive testing, she was diagnosed in May 2023. 


EDS just tacks on chronic pain, joint instability and other comorbidities like POTS, MCAS, and OH that she also developed. She currently is primarily tube fed, via GJ. She will soon have separate stomas placed due to EDS complications.


If you would like to follow her rare disease journey, send a follow request @stonedzebra along with a message of where you found her page! Her rare journey is only available to friends on TikTok, she keeps her circle small. If you’d like to follow and see her handmade gifts/online store, she is on TikTok Shop at SZ Creations, and @stndzebracreations.

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