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S17 E04 RBCX & SCD Carly Newton.jpg


This week we will discuss Red Blood Cell Exchange (RBCX) and Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).  Our guest is Carly Newton.  

Carly is a Registered Nurse at Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies with over 15years helping Health Care Professionals treating SCD patients with Red Blood Cell Exchange all over the globe. Specializing in apheresis treatments, Carly uses that experience to educate Health Care Professionals on the most effective ways to prescribe Red Blood Cell Exchange. 

By focusing on differentiating the different types of transfusion therapies available to SCD patients, Carly has been able to put the Registered Nurse degree they earned at The University of South Australia to good use. Carly may spend their days at the Terumo Lakewood campus, but it’s the patients and helping them live their best lives that gets them up in the morning.

When they’re not at Terumo, Carly loves spending time in the great outdoors and enjoying everything the Colorado Rockies have to offer.

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