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Season 2 Episode 12


Myotonic Dystrophy

Leslie is an educator who changed career fields when her diagnosis of Myotonic Dystrophy threw her a curve ball mid-life.  Being the forever optimist, instead of being sidelined she simply shifted into a less taxing environment of providing support groups to others and Podcasting!  

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Leslie Krongold

Leslie's professional background is in film and education, she was an educational multimedia producer in the textbook publishing industry as well as instructional designer for online university courses. She left full-time work — due to her disease progression — over 10 years ago.


Twenty years ago she started facilitating support groups for adults with neuromuscular disease for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 2012 she began part-time work for another patient advocacy organization, Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (MDF), where she launched a nationwide support group facilitator training program which now has 25+ support groups in the USA, Canada, and a few European cities.


She left MDF in 2016 to start her podcast which allows her more time flexibility (as her disease progresses) and gives her the ability to reach more people with chronic health conditions.

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