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Season 3 Episode 13


Diabetes Complications

In this episode we will discuss Type 2 Diabetes with Kathy T. in our studio.  There are two types of diabetes, type 1 where your body does not produce insulin and type 2 where the body does not produce insulin well.  Today we will discuss Type 2, later on this year we will discuss Type 1. 

Wordfind Therapy

Kathy attended Triton College and earned her Associate's Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and an advanced certificate in Early Childhood Administration. She met Lita Tomas there and they became friends.


Kathy was hired to run and develop Veterans Park District's Special Recreation program. She has been there for 20 plus years. 

Her joy is creating fun experiences for special needs participates. She has had the privilege of working with wonderful special needs youngsters and adults. They have enriched her life and she hopes she has brought new and fun experiences to each person she has served. Kathy feels truly blessed.


She makes her home in Maywood Illinois. Kathy has two daughters, two sons, three wonderful granddaughters and an adorable grandson.

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