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Kidney Dialysis

Marc Coronel has dedicated his life to inspiring, motivating, and empowering others.  At the same time, Marc has been battling kidney disease and talks with us today about kidney dialysis.  Kidney dialysis is a temporary life saving measure while a person waits for a transplant.  There are about 2 million people worldwide receiving this lifesaving treatment.

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Marc Coronel has dedicated his life to inspiring, motivating, and empowering others. Be it in gyms, schools and youth detention centers, or even major corporations, Marc is passionate about helping people live happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.


For more than 15 years, Marc has been utilizing strength-training in his native Los Angeles as a tool for helping people of all ages and backgrounds achieve their personal fitness goals. But his passion for helping others goes beyond the gym walls. Marc is also a highly sought after motivational speaker who regularly talks at schools, youth detention centers and jails throughout Los Angeles, helping at-risk youth stay on the right track and embody a healthy lifestyle in a way that few others can.  Additionally, Marc also serves as a consultant to gyms, restaurants and a variety of companies, offering insight and guidance that helps them with all manner of health and fitness-related needs.


All of these endeavors are in alignment with Marc’s personal vision for helping people and giving back to his community. LIFESTYLE ATHLETICS - COMPANY PHILOSOPHY Lifestyle Athletics is a unique, multi-faceted company with a singular aim: self-improvement. It is the manifestation of founder Marc Coronel’s vision for helping people become the best possible versions of themselves, both physically and mentally.


Whether you’re looking to lose weight, grow your business, or simply enjoy a happier, healthier existence, Lifestyle Athletics will help you get and stay motivated, and see life-changing results. To Marc and the “LA” team, fitness is not simply about burning calories, it’s about embracing a lifestyle that promotes harmony between the head, heart and your health. Therein lies the key to achieving gratification in one’s personal, spiritual and professional life

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