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Juvenile Arthritis

Most kinds of JA are autoimmune or autoinflammatory diseases. That means the immune system, which is supposed to fight against foreign invaders like viruses and germs, gets confused and releases inflammatory chemicals that attack healthy cells and tissue. In most JA cases, this causes joint inflammation, swelling, pain and tenderness, but some types of JA have few or no joint symptoms or only affect the skin and internal organs.  Our guest on this week's episode is Effie K. who was diagnosed as a teenager.

More About Our Guest
effie photo.jpg

Effie Koliopoulos is a writer, content creator, author, patient advocate and activist. She launched her blog, Rising Above rheumatoid arthritis in 2017 to share her story and connect with others in the community. She currently resides in Chicago and is working on her debut children’s book. Her recent film series along with other videos can be found on her YouTube channel, RA & Myself. Follow along on her social media and feel free to reach out! 

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