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Health Care Relationships

Finding the right doctor can make all the difference!  Wellacopia provides a "healthcare relationship connection." 

According to the Wellacopia Website: "The patient-practitioner relationship encompasses 4 key elements: mutual knowledge, trust, loyalty, and regard.

Knowledge refers to the practitioner's knowledge of the patient as well as the patient's knowledge of the practitioner.


Trust involves the patient's faith in the practitioner's competence and caring, as well as the practitioner's trust in the patient and his or her beliefs and report of symptoms.


Loyalty refers to the patient's willingness to forgive a practitioner for any inconvenience or mistake and the practitioner's commitment not to abandon a patient.


Regard implies that the patients feel as though the practitioner likes them as individuals and is “on their side.”


These 4 elements constitute the foundation of the patient-practitioner relationship.  The patient-practitioner relationship is a powerful part of a practitioner's treatment and can alter health outcomes for patients."

Wordfind Therapy

Eva Minkoff is a Spoonie turned health-tech entrepreneur. She has fibromyalgia and hyper-mobility syndrome.


Her 20 years of personal struggles in healthcare paired with her 10 years of professional experience in clinical and corporate healthcare propelled her to create - the first compatibility matching site to connect people with chronic illnesses to the practitioners uniquely qualified to help them.


At its core, Wellacopia is about fostering better healthcare relationships for better healthcare outcomes. Eva also holds degrees in Neuropsychology from Sarah Lawrence College and Nutrition Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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