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Discrimination in Health Care

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This week we are talking with Doctor Kat Ogle on discrimination in healthcare.  From medical students to doctors and naturally the patients in between, how common is racism in the medical community and what can be done to end it?  Dr. Ogle doesn't hold back on this important topic!  

Dr. Kat Ogle| Washington DC

Emergency Medicine Physician


Dr. Ogle is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, currently practicing at The George Washington University Hospital, Washington VA Medical Center and United Medical Center in Washington, DC. She is a first-generation college graduate and physician and began her career with seven years as a registered nurse, nearly six of which were spent in critical care. She attended the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences for medical school, Emergency Medicine residency and finally an Emergency Ultrasound fellowship. In 2014, she furthered her passion for medical education by completing Master Teacher Leadership Development Program at GW. She has been on the faculty since 2013.


As an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences and is actively engaged in medical student, resident and fellow education. She is the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Director, Executive Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee for the residency. She directs the Medical Education and Leadership Scholarly Concentration at the medical school level and leads Teaching and Learning Knowledge and Skills, a senior elective during which students learn concepts and tools which will facilitate their growth as clinician educators. She has fostered engagement with the women faculty within her department and co-founded their professional development group, GW Emergency Medicine Females or GWEMFEM. Through this group, she encourages and inspires amplification and promotion of her women physician peers.


On a national level, she has served in several leadership roles: as the Didactics committee chair for the Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine for the last three years and has been elected as the Vice President of Education for AWAEM in the summer. She is also an elected counselor, serving on the Society of Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships Board. Within AWAEM, she served co-chair of the Task Force on Starting a Women’s Group within AWAEM, a group embarking upon the development of the AWAEM Toolkit 2020 Edition, released early this year. She has been engaged in education and speaking at both national and international levels and she incredibly proud being selected as one of the speakers for FIX19 in which she shared a very personal story about the intersection of alcoholism, intimate partner violence and child abuse. Dr. Ogle's professional interests include point of care ultrasound, both undergraduate and graduate medical education, mentorship, female leadership and promotion as well as wellness. She balances her academic and professional responsibilities with her role as a single mother and co-parent.

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