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Medical Cosmetics

Cosmetic Medicine is the practice of non-surgical and minor surgical procedures that are designed to change the appearance of individuals by their effects on superficial tissues, thereby reversing the signs of ageing.

Cosmetic Medicine is commonly associated with treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections. Other treatments such as laser therapy and sclerotherapy are also extremely popular and are additional therapies that a cosmetic practitioner can offer.


Skin Med Spa is a premier medical spa in Downers Grove, Illinois. The practice boasts licensed medical staff who are trained in aesthetics and have decades of experience. It’s a true medical spa, offering real products and quality anti-aging results.

Skin Med Spa staff use the Lumenis® M22™ laser system, including IPL, Q-Switched nd:YAG, and ResurFX™, to treat all types of skin conditions. They offer all-encompassing treatments to help patients achieve healthier, younger-looking skin without downtime. The practice combines natural products with advanced technologies to maximize aesthetic results.

The Skin Med Spa team treats acne, rosacea, spider veins, fine lines, sun spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. They use DefenAge skincare, which uses stem cells to stimulate new skin cell production. Skin Med Spa specialists also offer Nutrafol® hair vitamin supplements for hair restoration and vFit+, a women’s wellness device that rejuvenates intimate areas.

Patients seeking Botox®, Jeuveau®, dermal fillers, facials, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration, laser skin resurfacing, PDO threads, or laser hair removal can turn to the Skin Med Spa team for premium anti-aging results.

Skin Med Spa staff offer same-day appointments. They look forward to helping you achieve your health, wellness, and beauty goals. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online today.


Our Guests

Barbara Kowalczyk, FNP-BC

Barbara has one of the most loyal followings in facial aesthetics in the Chicagoland area due to her impressive work. A practitioner who's goal is to listen to the patient's desires and artistically deliver amazing results for her patient. Her specialty includes botox fillers and PDO threads as well as laser treatments to achieve the most amazing natural look.


Barbara's training was extensive and comprehensive making her one of the most knowledgeable injector practitioners that you will find in this realm of medicine and beauty. 

Michael Fressola, ACNP-BC

An aesthetic practitioner and graduate of Rush University. Michael has been involved with cosmetic treatments and surgery for 20 years.  Michael was a partner at Galileo surgery center and advanced cosmetic lasers, one of the first laser centers in Chicago.

Michael brings his years of aesthetic experience to Skin Med Spa specializing skin rejuvenation, men's aesthetics as well as testosterone optimization and anti-aging treatments. 

Wordfind Therapy

Lita T  00:09

Hello, and welcome to another episode of podcast dx. The show that brings you interviews with people just like you whose lives were forever changed by a medical diagnosis. I'm Lita.


Ron  00:20

I'm Ron.

Jean  00:21

And I'm Jean Marie.


Lita T  00:22

Collectively we're the hosts of podcast dx. On today's show. We are speaking with Barbara Kowalczyk. Did I say that right Barbara?


Barbara  00:32

Kowalczyk Yes.


Lita T  00:33

And Michael Fressola, and they own skin Med Spa here in Downers Grove, Illinois. We're gonna be talking about cosmetic medicine today.


Jean  00:43

And Barbara and Michael are both board certified nurse practitioners. What led you guys to pursue that as a career?


Michael  00:50

Well, we both have different paths. Actually, I've been in this field for greater than 20 years, maybe 25. And I guess shows my age, I started working with a pioneer in the cosmetic surgical industry. And I'll drop his name because he's a he's an awesome guy, Dr. Leanne Tcheupdjianshan. And so we both have been in critical care medicine as well, for quite some time that this has been a basically a passion of love. So we we opted open up a a med spa here in lovely Downers Grove. And I'll let Barb speak about how her past got here or what got her here.


Lita T  01:34



Barbara  01:34

 yes, I always had a love for skin I myself suffered with acne growing up. So that always was an interest of mine. And growing into it, I was became an injector as a nurse before becoming a nurse practitioner. And my background is in critical care, which I've been in for 10 years and gradually transition transition over to the cosmetic industry.


Lita T  02:01

Oh Great!


Jean  02:02

And I don't want to sound creepy. But you both have amazing skin.


Lita T  02:06



Jean  02:07

 It's a real testiment


Barbara  02:08

thank you.


Lita T  02:10

And in case our listeners want to know we've been there.


Ron  02:12



Lita T  02:12

 Yeah. This is the the wonderful couple that came to my home when I was absolutely miserable in dehydration and pain after my


Jean  02:22

18 hours of vomiting


Lita T  02:24

 after my shoulder surgery. And were nice enough to actually do a house call and give me an IV treatment. So we'll be talking about that later, too.


Jean  02:33

Yeah, they got you back on your feet.


Lita T  02:35

Yes. So welcome to our show. Michael, And Barbara


Ron  02:38

Thank you for Joining us this morning.


Michael  02:40

Thank you.


Ron  02:41

So we'd like to start off with learning about cosmetic medicine, Michael or Barbara, what exactly can you tell our listeners about that?


Michael  02:52

Well, there's there's multiple ways of learning the industry. The number one, you know, there's there's training, training could be from either school, or even talk to any physician out there your best training is on the job. A individual coming out of medical school does not know much about medicine. When he's done with his residency, he's he's equipped to practice. So a lot of our experience came from some you know, we did the proper training that a lot of it was learning from others who pioneered the the industry in business. There's a lot of companies out there that will give you all sorts of support. And as you work with patients, that is when you truly learn your craft, see what works what works best and and some there's a little trial and error but the trial and error you are bit you you go into that with a great deal of knowledge and foundation, make sure you do no harm number one, and make everyone extremely happy. But in everyday is a learning experience. We get better with each passing day.


Lita T  03:56

That's great. And Barbara, what is cosmetic medicine as a as a


Jean  04:02

an overview


Lita T  04:02

as an overview, like what is it?


Barbara  04:06

Well, it's an emerging field of medicine, it feels the gap between beauty therapy and plastic surgery to feel a good branch of medicine. So a lot of times people will come in here not feeling well about their about their appearance. And so we want to reflect what how they feel inside reflected on the outside. So that's how it is in a nutshell.


Lita T  04:31

Okay, Okay, that's great. That's a good, good explanation. And I'm guessing that you use laser therapy in your clinic. Could you explain what lasers are used for?


Michael  04:40

Yeah, well laser basically is is an amplification of light. Essentially, it's energy. So depending on how you deliver that energy, you could you could actually achieve a goal. So for instance, a laser used to bust up the tattoo. And when I mean by bust up, I'm talking about removal is different than a laser that does something else like skin resurfacing or collagen building. Essentially, they all work on the same principle, you just have to manipulate that amount of energy to do what you're trying to achieve. Lasers have been around for 40 or 50 years in the cosmetic business mostly improved in the last 20/25 years. And there's essentially not, it's using every aspect of aesthetic medicine, it's getting really big now for pain control. There's multiple applications from something, you know, that is just desired, like hair removal to things like cataracts and eye surgeries. There's many applications for lasers.


Lita T  05:47

Okay, thank you. That's great.


Jean  05:49

And what are some of the other reasons that someone might come to a skin Med Spa?


Michael  05:55

Well, most people will come to a spa, for the improved what they're trying to do is restore what father time and Mother Nature now is taken away. That is the main reason but we we actually have gotten into the wellness arena as well. So fixing people on the outside is great, but fixing them from the inside. It multiplies your result. So we actually do both wellness and anesthetic treatments.


Jean  06:29

Okay, and which hopes are go ahead.


Barbara  06:32

Yes. So some of the aesthetic treatments somebody will come in for his undesired dark spots from the sun. So, sunspots melasma coming for stretch mark removal, spider vein removal, rosacea, acne, acne scars, those are some things as far as treatments can be provided with a laser. As far as medicinal treatments, we also offer testosterone replacement therapy in the form of injectables or pellet therapy, which are beneficial for both men and women. And that's another thing that women will be suffering from is mood changes. And by healing from the inside, we can do pellet therapy to provide that


Lita T  07:21

Oh, great.


Ron  07:22

Wow, ummm Michael or Barbara, either one I had looked and read on your website, you do a couple of different procedures I've never heard of before. One is PRP, platelet rich plasma,


Michael  07:38



Ron  07:39

 and then also PDO threads. What exactly are those and why would someone need them?


Michael  07:45

Alright, so PRP, it's been around for a little bit initially was used, you may have heard of people like Kobe Bryant using it for to, you know, improve injuries and such. So essentially what we do is we remove blood from the patient, their own blood, we spin it, we put it in a specialized tube and we remove the platelets. The platelets then are used to re inject into an area in particular for us, we do a lot of injections into the face, or the scalp for hair growth. So platelets, they have essentially a little sack of material that is filled with growth factors and such. And they did granulate big word for they just release these factors into the area. And these factors are screaming out for stem cells to come in the area and repair. So you will see, for instance, let's say we're working with someone who has acne scars,


Ron  08:38



Michael  08:39

we can micro needle the area in which we get a mechanical benefit. And now we're doing a biological benefit by offering the platelets to that area. It is basically saying stem cells Please come here publish repair results are magnificent.


Lita T  08:54



Ron  08:55

Thank you


Lita T  08:56

and how about the PDO threads


Barbara  08:57

PDO threads are dissolvable sugar fibers. They're commonly used in heart surgeries. And there's different types of PDO threads that we use here in the cosmetic aspect. Barbed threads are made for lifting loose and sagging skin as well as smooth threads are used for building collagen and thickening the dermis. So in essence rather than doing an invasive surgical procedure to do a facelift, we can do a non surgical approach a lunchtime face facelift that's only done with threads and we place them underneath the skin. The procedure takes about an hour start to finish with a little bit of local anesthetic and the results last about a year but even after a year because we're introducing these fibers your body stimulating collagen. So now your skin becoming thicker and it is improved over time.


Lita T  09:59

Oh Wow,


Jean  10:00



Lita T  10:00

That's amazing


Jean  10:00

and we've seen before and after photos and it is amazing. Um, can I take a step back? What do you like any particular or specific skincare products that you recommend? Or hair products that you recommend?


Michael  10:19

Oh absolutely so here, here's our deal. Initially, we did not want to retail any products. And then we were introduced to a product called DefenAge.  DefenAge are, is an amazing skin product. And that's why we started carrying it because it doesn't work like everything else out there. You could go to a Neiman Marcus and I usually don't so I don't know what the main products are there,


Ron  10:42



Michael  10:42

but essentially, I know that they're pricey and all they are is a fancy moisturizer DefenAge actually works more medicinally, and have a defensive molecule, which basically sits on the master stem cells of the skin and says, Let's crank out new skin. So results on this is I know, I'm a guy's guy. I'm not like you know, a guy who would ever pampered his skin, although I do know that I have Skin Med Spa. But I went on this for one week and I was getting compliments left and right. People were like, what are you doing? And that was just off of products. So it's actually producing new skin, it helps with pores, it will reduce the size of pores, wrinkling, fine wrinkling, and it does amazing things with crepey skin. And this The nice thing about this is this has been clinically trialed. It was in a multicenter, double blind, vehicle controlled clinical trial. And in the trial, it actually showed that the derma size grows as we get older, it doesn't grow thicker, it gets thinner and it gets like unorganized. It will help significantly with age spots. melasma this product truly is a game changer.


Lita T  10:46



Ron  10:53

Wow, this is right.


Lita T  12:01



Barbara  12:02

So some other products that we offer. We're in love with Nutrifall, which is a hair vitamin supplement for hair restoration. And we use that in combination with our platelet rich plasma therapy for hair restoration. We like to have our patients on this as a continuing treatment. But it is purely derived from plants, some ingredients in the vitamins or Saw Palmetto curcumin, ashwagandha marine collagen, so it's all natural. And it really does improve not only the strength of the hair, but also great for skin and nails.


Jean  12:41

Oh, that's great.


Lita T  12:42

Mm hmm. Is there for women and men?


Michael  12:45



Lita T




 They have learned from men and women and for older women who go through hormonal changes somebody and works in different ways. They don't play blocks DHT and a lot of people who have hair loss due to, you know, anxiety and stress has, there's a component in there to help reduce that stress. So overall, it's a it's a feel good. Vitamin, I went on it myself, so I have experienced hair loss. And when I talked to the rep of the company, I did say, you know, you're not gonna get results immediately. But I you know, he said "how's things going?" And I tell him I just feel more energy and he goes," I hear that a lot".


Ron  13:27



Lita T  13:27

Well with today's stress and anxiety, I think this is something that's something everybody needs.


Jean  13:33

Are you feeling stressed or anxious now?


Lita T  13:35

Who me? (laughter) Okay, well, thank you very much.


Jean  13:40

And I also I understand that you also do dermal fillers, facials, Botox and other use other you know, injectables. Can you tell us more about that?


Michael  13:50

Yeah, well, I'll tell you what, Barb has really honed in her abilities to inject women. She's extremely good. Now. We have found the products that we like the best. And as a general rule here, if we don't love it, we don't use or we don't promote it. So we have found products that are good. And Barb has really honed in on her skills because there's a truly an artistic practice to this. Often you'll hear like people grow we hear a lot of people coming in here from other places that said I didn't like how my you know, my eyebrows were placed. I didn't you know, there's a lot of complaints and it's not that they didn't do good work but they didn't have that artistic flair. That is true truly show that in fact her with her expand on that.


Barbara  14:36

So dermal fillers and Botox are amongst the most commonly used cosmetic treatment, and especially now our common population between the ages of 25 and 35 because nobody wants to look old. And Botox is a neurotoxin, which relaxes the muscles in areas of the forehead, around the eyes. Reduces expressiveness, therefore, lines will be reduced. And another form of Botox, we have Jeuveau. So that's the neurotoxin of choice at our particular spa, we do have a really good outcome with that particular neurotoxin. And others things we do are fillers. So lip fillers, cheek fillers, what's called a liquid facelift rather than doing threads, we can also achieve a higher cheekbone, structural support of the jaw contouring overall, and we deliver a natural approach. Most people that come in here don't want to look augmented, they want to look refreshed, something more of a youthful appearance of what they look like 10 years ago and we're able to deliver that.


Lita T  15:49

Yes, as a matter of fact, I think you did something between my eyebrows, right?


Jean  15:54



Michael  15:56



Barbara  15:56

that was Botox.


Lita T  15:57



Jean  15:58

Anyways, injected um, this is gonna sound strange, but I had injections with by you guys with my in my upper lip of Botox, and it made my top lip like pop so instead of getting, you know, a lip filler, or having surgery or something, just a few injections of Botox in my top lip relaxed and looked very, very, very


Lita T  16:23



Jean  16:23

Yeah, very natural and just more youthful.


Lita T  16:26

Up until this episode. My family didn't know that I had (laughter) really taking care of myself.


Jean  16:33

They're like you look relaxed.


Ron  16:35

Can you guys finish this episode? I'm gonna get their address and head right over.


Lita T  16:38



Jean  16:38

 Oh, yeah, there  you go.


Lita T  16:39

Do you know where it is?. It's right across the street from Diverheart.


Ron  16:42

is it now?


Jean  16:43



Ron  16:43



Lita T  16:43



Jean  16:45

 Yes. You guys are Yeah.


Ron  16:46



Jean  16:47



Lita T  16:48

Ron is a vice president? of diverheart the firm while I'm not talking well today, so I'll let dive. Diveheart (laughter) guy talk to you


Ron  16:59

okay. Yeah, our organization we do adapted scuba diving for children, adults and veterans with disabilities. And


Michael  17:06

Oh nice


Ron  17:06

 we're located in Downers Grove, right umm...


Jean  17:10



Ron  17:10

On Main Street


Jean  17:10

 kind of Yeah,


Lita T  17:11

Yeah at the corner in that bank building right next door to the coffee shop? Not Starbucks. But the other one,


Ron  17:18



Lita T  17:19



Jean  17:19

Yes. In downtown Downers Grove is worth a visit.


Lita T  17:21

Oh, it's a great place. We love downtown downers. And last but not least, you offer hydration therapy. I know that you two came to the house about eight weeks ago, and I was massively dehydrated, and I had been puking for 18 hours. But you were able to provide an IV to rehydrate me? Is that what most of your clients get as far as hydration therapy?


Michael  17:49

No, your your therapy was more of a medicinal. I'm in trouble. Help me out quickly, sort of a deal. And now that's where our critical care background came into play. We were able it for what it's worth. We both can start an IV  in a turnip.


Lita T  18:06



Michael  18:06

 So that's


Lita T  18:12

(laughter) okay. All right. Yeah. Because when you're dehydrated, it is very hard to get IV started correct.


Jean  18:19

And I can't tell you how many times she's gone to the hospital and they had to repeatedly attempt to put it in an IV and you guys made it look like it was nothing


Lita T  18:27

No deal. I the first time I ever dehydrate. I am a chronic uhhh. What do you call it?


Jean  18:34

Heat stroke


Lita T  18:35

 Heat, I've had heatstroke. So since then, I'm a chronic dehydrator. But the very first time the I was in the army, and the doctor that was trying to start the IV in the field poked me about 12 times.


Jean  18:50

So while being unconscious.


Lita T  18:51

I was unconscious to begin with. But then after all the pokes I guess I started coming around, and I woke up swearing. And on top of the swearing, I said, you know, can you get somebody that knows what the Blake they're doing over here. And then I looked up and there was a bird on the collar of this doctor. And I'm like, and I added quickly, ma'am. (laughter)  Because you know, you don't want to really get yourself in trouble with somebody that massively outranks you.


Jean  19:19

But you guys


Lita T  19:20

you made it look like it was no problem and I felt so much better.


Michael  19:24

Your doctor should have worked out a turnips then because that seems to be the answer


Lita T  19:27

Yeah, there you go! thank you.


Michael  19:31

But yeah, no, we were happy to help you. But off hand it we do is the therapy. We were always doing a bit it really became popular during the pandemic in which people were trying to improve their immunity. So and that is a valid way of improving your immunity. So we could we offered large dose of ascorbic acid, vitamin C, zinc and some other things that would boost your immunity. And the beauty of that is that those products that boost your immunity are amazing for your skin. They're collegen builders, don't… ascorbic acid is amazing, and another thing that we offered was Glutathione that we do have a very loaded IV, the Glutathione is your master antioxidant. I've been on this, actually, I've been aware of glutathione since I was a kid, kind of like the millennials, I don't want to I never want to age. And I always wanted to do Glutathione but it's a large molecule, you could get it in a pill that your stomach acid is going to tear it apart. Once we found out that if they had an intravenous formula, or like, what if I had something that those two studies have shown that during a your when your immunity goes, like haywire, like, let's say with a COVID infection, it said that untethered immune response that hurts you, the Glutathione actually curved that down a little bit. So the deal is like you. Again, we're not saying that it treats COVID. But you know, there, there's many studies out there showing the benefits of these type of supplements. And that will help any kind of viral attack, not just COVID. But again, the beauty of it is that any good fear immunity is usually amazing for your skin and skins and our title. So it works out then we also offer other things in our, in our, in our cocktail that not only helps with immunity and skin, but energy. And some of the products we use also will do such things as help burn, utilize fat for energy opposed to other forms. So it's a good thing to do if you're thinking of starting a diet as well. And there's other things that help with neurological issues. Kind of like alpha linoleic acid, we have a very stacked IV and people who go on and usually are ... they love it. They're energized.


Lita T  21:55

Wow, that's great. It just as a question, is there a vitamin A and E in there as well?



No, typically, you have to be careful with delivering those.  Those are fat soluble. So if someone wants to take A and E, we suggest orally. There are vitamin D with so fat soluble vitamin D applications, intravenous, but we have a personal philosophy, if it's fat soluble, you can ingest it. And we only do like watersoluble in the IVs.


Lita T  22:26

Okay, great. Thanks. And what other treatments are available in an office like Skin Med Spa?


Michael  22:32

Well, another thing too, again, here's, here's the deal Are you we can make you look amazing. We truly can shave off 10 years off of someone's face is not that difficult. But it's great to look great, but you want to feel great. So we've pursued other things such as hormonal replacements.  Ah, there's almost really, there's a great percentage of the male population at the age of 40 and 50, that are actually augmenting with testosterone. And And truly, it shouldn't have the stigma that it had yesteryear, where it's like an anabolic steroids. It's one of the most natural hormones in your body. It's truly what makes a man a man. And we're seeing these levels drop off drastically, even in people in their 30s. So we we do check levels. And then we do have a Board Certified endocrinologist on staff who oversees our project. And we help with that, you know, the guys, they love it.  Once they're on it. They just are amazing patients, they will be here to always get their testosterone. And we're also treating women as well. Women is basically a population that has been overlooked hormonally. Although it's becoming now very fashionable. You know, when when we get a little bit older, you know, there's there's all sorts of problems with mood, things like that. And, you know, your Neanderthal man would think, you know, would say like, your hormones. Well that Neanderthals a little bit, right, but he's not delivering it really nice. The deal is, it is hormonal. And a lot of people go on these serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and things like that to improve their mood, and we just say no, why don't you just go with a bio identical what God gave you the same structure, and we're changing lives. Ah, people, here go ahead...


Barbara  24:23

Changing marriages, too. We've had a lot of testimonials from women who said that this is better than counseling, this saved their marriage. So we do believe in all the therapies that we provide here. And


Jean  24:40

well, like you said, if you're you're healing from the inside out,


Michael  24:44

Well we like to think of it as tieing a knot, you bring the superficial to the interior and life is good.


Lita T  24:52

Is that something that's just delivered in the IV


Michael  24:57

No. Well guys, we have the option of either doing injections, there's multiple things you could do for testosterone, you could do creams. I don't think the results are that good. Injections results are good but you need to be regimented and then also pellets. Now pellets is basically a concentrated amount of the bio identical hormone that is slowly released, that is pretty much how we deliver it for women. And the nice thing about it is you don't have to, you don't have to really be on a program, you come in here every three to four months, we give you a pellet, you don't have to think about it, life is good.


Jean  25:31

And here's the pellet injected or inserted on in the dermis.


Barbara  25:35

So the pellets are inserted in subcutaneously in the gluteus maximus otherwise, the buttocks. So we do some local anesthetic to the area and the instrument is about a few inches long and relatively pain free, done in the office takes about 10 to 15 minutes to do. And then there's a slow release of the hormones over the course of three to four months, you don't feel a rush immediately after it is time released. So maybe the changes won't be immediate. But the feedback we have is that they have more energy. happier.




Improved sex drive.


Lita T  26:21



Barbara  26:22

improved improved sleep as well.


Jean  26:24

Yeah, you might be seeing, Well, yeah. You might be seeing my mom there. She's like, Oh, yeah, sold!


Lita T  26:33



Michael  26:35

Well, you know, it's one of the main reasons why guys actually come in, is for erectile dysfunction. Now, you know, for years, doctors have been prescribing, basically vascular drugs to deal with it. But it really wasn't usually not a vascular issue. It certainly could be, but it's really a hormonal issue. So all of a sudden, where a guy is lacking, in most guys. And Ron, you tell me, how do you feel? I don't know how old you are. I think all guys kind of feel like they're 30 years old, or maybe even younger, in our brain, we just feel younger. And unfortunately, our bodies not in stride with that. So what what we, you know, what this does is actually, it brings you back to the level that you were when you were in your 20s you don't necessarily need a basket of drugs, you just need to get your home all your hormones, pretty much adjusted. Right.


Ron  27:30

Right. 53 my brain feels like an 18 My body's tells me, I'm wrong.


Michael  27:37

Exactly. I think we're on page with that. You know, so that's, that's pretty much, you know, we're offering we are looking into a delivering offering also, peptides and peptides will be the future of medicine. And in the sense that they're taking amino acids, small proteins that are that are very natural to your body, that makes it work better. And it's like, there's amazing things that it that it does help with sleep repair cartilage, ligaments, and there's really nothing else out there. There's a bright future in the anti aging, aesthetic business, and we're happy to be part of it.


Ron  28:21

What time are you open till today?


Lita T  28:26



Jean  28:26

but Okay, so there are Yeah, I totally agree with you. There are scientificly proven, and studies that prove that if you look good, you feel good. And also, if you look good, unfortunately, you know, you do get a leg up in this world, you get less, you know, less criticism towards you and more advantages and more promotions. And like you were saying,


Lita T  28:49

so do you think that's the biggest misconception about cosmetic medical cosmetics is that people think it's all too much or overdone or not natural, or,


Michael  29:00

Well, you know, everyone has their opinion, you know, and for people who don't really know about it, they perceive it as being superficial, a waste of money and things like that. But then when they come in, there's an there's a lot of people who find their way in here. And they're extremely happy because the differences we make are, they're not like they're subtle. And the but they make a huge difference. So there's a lot of misconceptions about this. But it's this has become so mainstream. You'd be amazed at how many people are doing this and continue doing this and and it's a feel good. It's really a feel good field. And we're happy to be part of it.


Ron  29:44

Yeah, you know, again, I had a total misconception of this, but after the this interview, it's totally changed my mind about it.


Michael  29:54

Good. So, good.  We're happy about that.


Ron  29:57

Oh, yeah, like I said, you'll be seeing me soon.


Lita T  30:00

He's the one that recently shaved. He went twenty...  I've only known him with a beard. And he walks in today with clean shaven. I'm like, Wait, who is this?


Michael  30:10

Right? He probably looks like, he looks younger now huh?


Lita T  30:13

Yeah.  He does.


Ron  30:14

Let's see if I can lose another 10 years.


Lita T  30:16

All right.


Ron  30:18

So, so tell us, um, I imagine starting your own business was pretty challenging. How did your family and friends how did what kind of role did they play in helping you get this started?


Michael  30:33

Well this, this wasn't challenging at all, we opened up and we just had to deal with a pesky little pandemic, and then potential riots. And, and then the, you know, the government has set things up to help small businesses, that when you're a starting business, they didn't help with that either. So there was a couple obstacles. But we persevered. We, you know, we, the work is, is good, where people come in, and they continue coming in. We did the build out for the most part. Barb's father was very important and helping with this other family members kicked in, and we're very happy with our results are placed in Obviously, I'm a little biased is very beautiful, we take great pride in keeping it extremely hygenic. We clean it all, as as well here.


Barbara  31:26

We have a lot of supportive friends, too. And who were at first very skeptical about doing cosmetic treatments, they gave it a shot because they wanted to support us. And now, with all their results and being happy, they have also referred several of their friends. So word of mouth for us is really a big key to our success.


Ron  31:49

It's great. That's great.


Lita T  31:50

And I'm hoping that this episode can get you some more. Some more guests for sure.


Michael  31:55

We're always happy to take care of new clients.


Lita T  31:59

 All right,


Ron  31:59

again, you've got one coming. (laughter)  Before we wrap up, I know you talked about some benefits. Are there any anything else would you would like to add about medical cosmetics that maybe we didn't touch already?


Michael  32:16

Well, as far as benefits there, again, there's multiple benefits. And I think we touched on most of it. And I could probably sum it up, like for the most part at all my patients is my job's really easy here. Because if we do one thing, we improve your collagen and we win. So we all you know, we offer things that will do that and basically preserve and slow down the aging process. And But otherwise, I think we pretty much covered most of the things we offer. We're dynamic operations are open to new ideas. We're always reading we're always studying. So anything that comes down the pike, that is beneficial will be offered.


Lita T  32:59

Okay, that's great. Yeah.


Jean  33:01

And Michael and Barbara, how can our listeners learn more about you and skin Med Spa?


Barbara  33:07

Well, we do have some social media accounts, you can certainly find us on Facebook and Instagram, with the handle of the skin Med Spa. And our website is very easy to remember as well. It's the skin med So we have all of our services listed over there, as well as a little bit of information on our background. And we welcome all new guests to take a look at our place and meet us.


Lita T  33:36

Absolutely. And we're gonna push him there. We certainly appreciate everything that you're doing and we're gonna be coming back to probably probably before our book tour, right? Yes, we do. Yes, we that's the first time we met you actually was getting ready for our publisher. Oh, yeah, authors portfolios, right. I can't talk today. Well, thank you for joining us today.


Michael  34:04

Thank you for having us.


Barbara  34:05

Thank you for having us


Lita T  34:06

If you have any questions or comments related to today's show, you can drop us a line at podcast Through our website podcast dx . com on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.


Ron  34:18

And if you have a moment to spare, please give us a five star review wherever you get your podcast. As always, please keep in mind that this podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified medical health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition or treatment. And before undertaking a new health care regime, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because it's something that you've heard on this podcast


Jean  34:51

till next week.

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