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Traveling with a Disability

Our guest this week is Tarita Davenock, M.A. CTC 
CEO, Travel for All Inc.

Tarita has built a reputation as a global expert in the field of accessible travel, and inclusive tourism.


A speaker and contributor to the Hungton Post, and other travel publications she is sought after for her extensive business knowledge as an entrepreneur with a disability and is passionate about creating access for all. 


Tarita has served in a diverse range of roles over the years in promoting greater accessibility including remaining Vice Chair the Accessible Tourism Committee for the Standards Council of Canada and is a member of Destination Canada’s Advisory Board and she accepted a Board nomination for the Social Planning & Research Council in 2018 and serves on the Board's Finance and Audit Committee and the Board's Governance Committee.

Tarita has graduate degrees in English and Behavioral Psychology and is currently working on the completion of her Doctoral Thesis.

Prior to her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, her career was Social Work, specializing in helping children and adults with Developmental Disabilities.

She remains a resource for many countries who are striving at creating a presence in this travel demographic.

Her company is one that creates a Social Impact and is known as global leaders in accessible, diverse and inclusive travel hps://


Invitations for speaking at prestigious events in Dubai, USA, the Caribbean and Canada; representing the largest under-serviced tourism market.

Her passion for creating inclusion, diversity and support for people with disabilities continues to drive her in establishing opportunities at creating a better world.

Travel for All knows accessible travel is tough, but believes having a family member with alternative travel needs should not exclude anyone from traveling. With that being said, you may need to spend a little extra time planning to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.

The Accessibility Specialists at Travel for All know how to turn your travel dreams into reality. Our specialists know that our clients need someone who will pay close attention to all of the details for them. They have traveled with their own disabilities, so they understand firsthand what you need, plus they have the connections to make it happen.

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