Episode 10


Episode 10 features Rayna Marie, a future educator living in the Chicago Suburbs.   Several years ago Rayna started having problems with "floaters" in her eye.  Several trips to eye specialists revealed there was a living organism in her eye!  Listen to her story now on PodcastDX!

  • Martina Navratilova retired from a competition in 1982 with mystery 'virus' later found to be due to the illness

  • Arthur Ashe developed neurological problems from toxoplasmosis (later found to be HIV-positive)

  • Miriam Pires (brazilian actress) died of toxoplasmosis at the age of 77

  • Leslie Ash contracted toxoplasmosis in the second month of pregnancy

  • Louis Wain was a prominent cat artist who later developed schizophrenia which some believe to be due to his constant exposure to cats and thusly Toxoplasmosis.