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Season 4  Episode 17


Enlarged Prostate

This episode will be especially interesting to men over 50.  An enlarged prostate can be more than just "uncomfortable"  learn more from our guest Rob G. as we learn all about this gland!

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Rob is a 60 yr old Caucasian.  A father of 3, grandfather of 2, he is an otherwise healthy man from the Chicago suburbs.  His parents were from Europe and he has stayed in good physical shape through active participation in sports. A graduate of Proviso East HS and Triton College, he has worked in the printing industry his whole life.  

10 years ago he noticed a problem with urination which he followed up with his GP,  the problem, it turned out, was an enlarged prostate.  Since his dad had prostate cancer, Rob was relieved to find a problem when it was still a benign problem, but has had numerous biopsies of the gland to ensure there wasn't anything more disastrous than the enlarged gland pressing on the ureter.


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