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Sickle Cell (4 of 4 with Lwimba)

I am  Lwimba Kasongo and I have been living with sickle cell for over 30 years! I call myself a warrior because i have come this far despite the challenges that come with living with Sickle cell . The pain, the stigma, the in an out of hospital , the medicines all make it a hard journey. Living with Sickle cell is a daily battle field but to come this far is victory for me, because no matter how much I fall, still I rise up. I am a fighter, a warrior and with the right medication and do's and don'ts of  managing of Sickle cell and family support the possibilities are endless for me, because Sickle cell has nothing on me.



I am a university graduate and a visual artist. I currently volunteer at  two Hospitals in my city Lusaka, Zambia. It is a way of helping my fellow sickle cell patients, because i understand their struggles.  Through my journey I encourage others who are walking the same journey!

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