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Items That May Help You Heal

Metaphysical properties:

  • AGATE --- Harmonizes various energies. All chakras.

  • SERPENTINE --- Withdraws toxins from heart and lungs, and increases absorption of oxygen and nutrients. 4th chakra.

  • MOSS AGATE --- Relieves breathing difficulties due to emotional tension, and improves circulation in blood and lymphatic systems. Fosters optimism and our connection to nature. 4th chakra.

  • COPPER --- A great conductor of energy, it alleviates rheumatoid arthritis and all inflammation. Placed on infected wounds to draw out toxins. Balances physical and astral bodies. All chakras.

"Metaphysical properties" should not be taken as medical advice, or used as a substitute for medical care. This product does not claim to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. Information given is to explain the lore behind the stones and enrich the buyer experience.

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