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COVID with Crohn's

We are welcoming back Myisha Malone-KING.  As you may recall Myisha spoke with us in season 7 about Crohn's Disease and just last week about her daughter's severe asthma.  Myisha is a passionate dedicated advocate she’s received proclamations from states for recognition of her advocacy and IBD awareness.  Besides her challenges with Crohn's, she ended up catching COVID last year!!

Having Crohn’s doesn’t make you more likely to get exposed to the new coronavirus. But it may make you more likely to have a harder time with it if you do catch it.

Certain people are more likely to become very ill if they get COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus. That includes people who take medications that suppress, or weaken, their immune system.

Many things can lower your immunity, including chronic illness, recent surgery, or medication. Any of those things might apply to you. Some, but not all, Crohn’s drugs suppress your body’s immune response. So far, experts haven’t done any specific research on COVID-19 and people with Crohn’s.

Doctors are still learning about the new coronavirus. But there’s already some expert advice for people with inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s.

(Credits: WEBMD)

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