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Season 3

Episode 19



In this episode we will discuss HIV with D-Rek.  HIV or Human Immunodeficiency  Virus can be spread by blood transfusions, which was the case for D-Rek, who had heart surgery as an infant.

Wordfind Therapy

Renowned AIDS Activist, Derek Canas has proudly announced the publication and worldwide release of his inspiring new book entitled ‘Operation D-Rek’. The book is now available in stock on Amazon in a paperback edition, and it is already creating a major buzz. Also known as D-Rek, Derek was infected as an infant via a blood transfusion. Derek also turns into a phenomenal DJ on weekends and becomes the life of every party. He was born cute and seemingly healthy, but the problems started to emerge when he was 3 months old. Since then, all his life has been a constant struggle with pain and for the most part of his childhood, he was basically a “battery operated son” for his parents. Sixteen years later, another devastating problem of HIV showed up, which sadly turned into AIDS and this made things more dangerously complicated for Derek and his family.

Without losing hope and with a constant struggle, he now serves as the Social Ambassador for Yes Get Tested Coachella Valley . Moreover, he is a proud survivor of both open heart surgery and HIV, and his doctors refer to him as ‘The Terminator’. In a nutshell, the story of his life is a story of absolute transformation, hope and a will to survive.

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