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Season 3 Episode 6


Organ Donation

This Episode is Presented Especially For: DonorNetworkWest

We are re-posting an episode from early last year on the topic of liver transplantation.  February 14th is National Organ  Donor Day, in honor of the hundreds of thousands of patients currently waiting for an organ, the DonorNetworkWest.Org agency requested we help get the word out once again on the critical importance donation makes.  If you aren't already a donor, please take a moment of your time to register with your state's organ and tissue donor registry.  Better yet, consider being a live donor and help save someone's life while you are still around to see the effect your spare kidney can have!  There is a great website that helps patients needing kidneys (or pieces of liver) called  That's how I hooked up with my recipient, a retired Fire Captain downstate!  I did it, you can too!

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